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Operating System

Marks: 6-8

As a computer engineer, we should be knowing how the program is executed in the form of a Process. How OS manages the processes. How and where the memory is allocated for programs. How the files are organized in secondary disks. How OS deals with different problems of deadlock, synchronization, small physical memory, etc.

More you understand the principles of OS, better sofwares you can write.

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1. Introduction to OS

1.1 Multiprogramming Vs Uniprogramming

2.1 Program Vs Process & Process Structure

2.3 Process Control Block - PCB |
2.4 State Transition Diagram

2.5 Schedulers, Dispatcher and Context Switching

2.6 CPU Scheduling - FCFC

2.6.1 FCFS Numerical

2.7 Shortest Job First - SJF | Shortest Remaining Time First - SRTF

2.8 Longest Remaining Time First (LRTF) |
Highest Response Ratio Next (HRRN)

2.9 Priority Based Scheduling

2.10 Round Robin Algorithm

2.11 IPC, Synchronization | Producer Consumer Problem | Race Condition

2.12 Synchronization Mechanism | Critical Section | Mutual Exclusion


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